Prospect Farm 2

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We offer grass-fed / grass-finished beef raised without antibiotics or growth hormones on a variety of forages. Some farmers Cattle grazingstart their cattle on grass and then finish them on grain and still call them grass-fed; that's why we also say grass-finished. They are rotationally grazed in order to allow the plants to recover and maintain a healthy variety of forages. The animals are processed after they achieve sufficient maturity and size to provide the best eating experience. Some farmers process their animals when younger and the eating experience is not as good; the meat will likely have less flavor and marbling.


We have laying hens that produce brown eggs that have superior nutrition when compared to conventional store-bought eggs. Hens on pastureThey have access to a complete feed ration, fresh water, minerals, forage, and all the bugs they can find. They have a small moveable pen for shade and food storage, and a large open area surrounded by electric netting to deter predators. This combination is rotated around the pasture frequently to give them access to a fresh area.

The chart below shows a relative comparison between conventional eggs and pastured-raised eggs. For example, there’s about 7 times more beta carotene in a pastured egg, that’s why their yolks are orange instead of the pale yellow you find in conventional eggs. If you are interested in lowering your cholesterol intake, pasture-raised eggs have about half the cholesterol as a conventional egg. The real benefit is a superior food product for your family, both in nutrition and taste!

Pastured egg benefits

We will have a few whole chickens available this summer. Please let us know if you are interested and we can raise some more.

If you are interested in pork, please let us know. We are investigating raising pigs on pasture also. The flavor of pasture-raised pork is very good - much better than the pork available in regular grocery stores.